A Community On Mission


A Community On Mission



Sunday Worship Service • 9:30 AM

We are located on the corner of Honoapi'ilani Hwy & Shaw Street in Lahaina, Maui.


What to Expect

What to Expect

Once you arrive at Lahaina Baptist Church, you will be welcomed by the ocean breeze and a friendly and casual atmosphere of people that are genuinely excited to welcome you.

As you approach the worship center, you will notice a small ‘tiki hut’ staffed by our greeters. We wish to welcome our first-time guest with a Lei. It is here that we hand out our bulletins for the service. Each bulletin contains all the information about what is happening at church, and what to expect during the service.

Our greeters are happy to direct parents and families to our educational building, should you desire your kids to join one of our kids classes. Parents are always welcome to have their children stay in the main worship service.

Sunday Mornings:

The Worship service will last one hour and ten minutes including the following elements:

1. Worship through Prayer.

We believe an active prayer life is key to a healthy church. Therefore, we give place to individual and corporate prayer during our service. 

2. Worship through Music. 

A mix of modern and traditional songs are typical during a Sunday morning service. The congregation is encouraged to sing along with the worship team.

3. Worship through Bible Teaching. 

Pastor Jay teaches through the Bible (exegetically) and explains the Bible in its context, while relating its content and message to our current times.

4. Worship through Fellowship. 

We provide time before, during, and after the service for personal interaction and to 'talk story.' We believe the Gospel of Jesus Christ can be made visible by how we treat one another, therefore, this time of fellowship is an intergral part of our worship to God.

5. Worship through Giving.

This is a time for our regular church members and attendees. You are not expected to participate in giving to LBC. However, we do invite you to join us in praying for God’s blessing upon the many missions of our church in reaching the community of West Maui. 

Discovery Classes

Lahaina Baptist Church provides four classes to engage, connect, and explain our purpose and mission as a church. We invite you to join one of our “Discovery Classes,” offered every other month and led by Pastor Jay.

1. Discovering LBC 101 “Who We Are As A Church.”

This class is designed to introduce the participant to the history and mission of Lahaina Baptist Church. This forty minute class is interactive, allowing for questions and comments.

2. Discovering LBC 201 “Keys To My Spiritual Growth.”

This class answers the question, “How do I grow in my relationship with Jesus Christ?” We will spend time discussing the key elements of spiritual growth. Each participant receives an ‘optional’ spiritual gifts assessment that can be used to match the participant with the desired area of ministry service.

3. Discovering LBC 301 “How We Impact Our Culture.”

What are we doing as a church to impact our culture? Throughout the ages, dedicated Christ-followers have significantly shaped the culture and community surrounding them. This class dives into the framework of the church allowing each participant the opportunity to learn about the discipleship and outreach objectives of LBC, “A Community on Mission.”

4. Discovering LBC 401 “Discovering My Life-Mission.”

Designed for the Christ-follower that is asking, “What Is My Personal LIfe-Mission?” This class offers interaction and learning tools to help connect the participant with a God-inspired mission for life.